Kelly O’Dell and Raven Skyriver Demo | Schantz Galleries June Weekend

Each year we feature artists to exhibit in Gallery One for the opening event of the summer in Stockbridge. This year, Paul Stankard, Kelly O’Dell, and Raven Skyriver were the featured artists and the gallery looks fantastic! These three artists are all deeply in tune with their environment and appreciate how glass can be a compelling medium for interpreting flora and fauna. Stankard’s floral paperweights are diminutive and detailed meditations on a flower’s elegant countenance—and the brimming underbelly beneath the soil. O’Dell’s sumptuous ammonites, coral, and fossil-like panels see the long view of nature—its far-reaching past, its captivating present, and its precarious future. Raven Skyriver also brings awareness to the fragility of the ecosystem through his glorious interpretations of marine icons of the Pacific Northwest, captured in an array of forms, colors, and textures as diverse as sea life itself.

Another aspect of the weekend is the Glass Demo which is held at a nearby hotshop in Canaan, NY, called hoogs and crawford. Nathan Hoogs and Elizabeth Crawford have been working in the area for over 20 years, and have a really nice shop.  

Following are photos of the demo, where Kelly and Raven created a Nautilus Cephalopod, an awesome sea creature, and an amazing feat in sculpting glass.  There was a rapt audience for over 4 hours as we watched the entire process from start to finish, supplied with breakfast and lunch, of course!  Assisting artists included Nathan Hoogs, Elizabeth Crawford, Bob Dane, Mike V, Jen Violette and Wren Skyriver.  The photos were taken by Amy Postlethwait, and videographer, Jeff Masotti will be sending us a video for our collection as well. 



hoogs and crawford hot shop

Elizabeth Crawford

Nathan Hoogs


Jen Violette and Raven Skyriver

Raven Skyriver and Bob Dane

Kelly's special tool she invented to curl a nautilus!

Sculpting the tentacles or arms of the Cephalopod

Kelly O'Dell

Jen Violette

Kelly and Wren

High drama was featured here!!

Happy Birthday Martin Blank!~

Martin blank sculptor

Sunrise on Wheat

Demeters Song detail

Demeters Song detail

Winged Victory (male) detail

Winged Victory (male) detail




Winged Victory (female) Hot Sculpted Glass 25 x 9 x 9"

Winged Victory (female)
Hot Sculpted Glass
25 x 9 x 9″

Martin conducting

Martin at Museum of Glass

Museum of Glass

Martins Epic Installation at Museum of Glass

Ode To Icarus, 2013 Hot Sculpted Glass, 24 x 13 x 9"

Ode To Icarus, 2013
Hot Sculpted Glass, 24 x 13 x 9″


Martin is FULL OF LIFE AND PASSION for his work, his friends and his family.

… and loves to create LARGE WORKS OF ART!!

… he is a consummate draftsman…

Martin can sculpt hot glass and capture the movement and energy of the human figure.

…and finds his inspiration in nature.







Forever Lino, Celebrating 70 Years Working in Glass

Like the Fenice, the Phoenix, rising and being reborn from the ashes, Lino has reinvented himself, multiple times over the span of his 70 years working with glass. It is this continual search for the perfect alchemical formula that leads him to through all the stages of transformation both personal and in the work, and which is why he is able to continually discover new potential.

2015 forever Lino in StockbridgeThis month, we are pleased to present a selection of the various series that Lino has used or invented over the span of his creative ventures with the glass.  Within this exhibition there are many of the series and techniques employed by the Maestro, ancient and contemporary; forms simultaneously classic and modern; colors and graphics that are quiet poetry.  With close to 50 works, this is certainly one of largest exhibitions of Lino’s work in New England, ever!

Lino Event at Schantz Galleries

Lino Exhibition at Schantz Galleries  2015                                                       photo: ©

Tagliapietra’s career is defined by a dedication to workmanship and innovation. Lino openly shared his far-reaching knowledge of the medium and his skill as one of its finest practitioners, and helped to create a new renaissance in studio glassmaking. Defying criticism from the community back home, Tagliapietra never stopped sharing his knowledge. But the giving was not a one-way street; Tagliapietra benefited equally from the young artists that he taught and with whom he collaborated. After years of factory production work, Tagliapietra came face-to-face with new ways of regarding the material and with individuals who considered it a medium for art. They were blowing glass for the sheer joy and challenge of it. This creative exchange with artists throughout the world expanded Lino’s ideas for what can be accomplished with the medium of glass. We see in Lino‘s art not only the highest level of skill and mastery of material, but a personal quest for new discoveries. At the age of 80, Lino continues to challenge himself by finding the next exciting or sublime form, striving for new forms of expression and creativity. His latest works which we saw him make at the Museum of Glass in February (2015) were some of the most powerful works I have seen in blown glass. I would put these works in the category of the most joyful works of Matisse, or Monet’s Water Lilies, with the power of presence of a Tang Dynasty figurine.

Lino Exhibition at Schantz Galleries  photo:

Lino Exhibition at Schantz Galleries photo:©

Lino Event at Schantz Galleries

Lino Exhibition at Schantz Galleries                       photo:©

Lino Event at Schantz Galleries

Lino Exhibition at Schantz Galleries July – August 9, 2015 photo                       ©

Lino Event at Schantz Galleries

Lino Tagliapietra Exhibition at Schantz Galleries photo: ©

Lino Event at Schantz Galleries

Lino Tagliapietra Exhibition at Schantz Galleries photo: ©

Lino Event at Schantz Galleries

Lino Tagliapietra Exhibition at Schantz Galleries July – August 9, 2015       Photo: ©

Lino’s work has a presence which references yet transcends time. We are so fortunate in our lifetime to witness a maestro and artist in one, who through his openness to life and humanity is able to transform silica into miraculous works of art.

Jim + Kim     July, 2015

photos: ©




Joey Kirkpatrick and Flora Mace composing a glass drawing for a Soft Cylinder.

Joey Kirkpatrick and Flora Mace composing a glass drawing for a Soft Cylinder.

Each spring we travel west to visit artists and select work for the upcoming season at the gallery in Stockbridge. It is a great experience and we learn something new every time. This year, we visited more than 25 artists over 5 days.  Its a bit like the Woodstock of glass!  Only with great food and wine and witnessing firsthand the amazing creativity and inspiration of the artists we represent.

Our first stop is Chihuly’s Boathouse, the Ballard Studio and then Chihuly Garden of Glass.  Traveling to Seattle and visiting the  artists studios gives us the opportunity to choose some really great work for the gallery.

Surprise treat…. Flora Mace and Joey Kirkpatrick working on a glass drawing for a Soft Cylinder at the Chihuly Boathouse!  Everyone was captivated by the process and thrilled by the rare opportunity to witness these important artists working together.  The team blew two huge baskets with Jim Mongraine as the gaffer.  You can gain a little insight into the week by clicking on the images below and following along. Of course, you can visit our gallery and see some of the great selections we made which are being delivered over the next few weeks, not only from Seattle, but also New England, Tennessee, California, Australia, Sweden, France, Czech Republic and Italy!

See you soon!     Kim & Jim


Winter in Stockbridge…


During the winter months, we have the opportunities to exhibit at art fairs through out the country, such as Chicago, Miami, Palm Beach, Palm Springs and Silicon Valley.  This week, as Jim and James drive south to bring our exhibit to the upcoming Art Palm Beach show, winter in Stockbridge brings a fresh blanket of pure white snow… turning to that beautiful cobalt blue in the twilight and glaringly bright on a sunny afternoon.


Jim and James with “Nudo di Donna”, a new fused glass panel by Lino Tagliapietra in the gallery.

Whether you like to ski, snowshoe, shop or get cozy next to the fireplace; you will find plenty to do … even if it is a day or relaxation. We are happy to recommend some places to visit, for example if you drive 45 minutes north you can visit MassMoCA ,the largest contemporary art museum in the country, or stay close to homebase and stop in at the Norman Rockwell Museum.  If you would like to stay at the historic Red Lion Inn, we can help you get a special rate for a weekend or longer…. where there is a fireplace and a hot toddy if you are so inclined!

Stanley in the Snow at SG

Wander down the same Main Street that Norman Rockwell made famous, and turn right on Elm Street to visit one of the very few galleries in the country committed entirely to the art of glass … Visitors to Schantz Galleries are always warmly welcomed by Stanley or Kristen when they enter and amazed by the museum like collection of art from internationally recognized artists working in glass,  including Dale Chihuly, Vladena Klumpar, Marvin Lipofsky, Lino Tagliapietra, and Bertil Vallien.

Skywalking, fused glass panel by Dorothy Hafner

Skywalking, fused glass panel by Dorothy Hafner

While we believe that art must be seen and experienced in person, we are pleased to announce our new google map of a Virtual Visit if you are unable to come to the gallery.  Collectors who are seriously interested in acquiring work may contact us to Schedule a Face-time or Skype Virtual Exhibit from the comfort of your living room!   We  have found this experience helps the decision making process, allowing the viewer to ask questions and see the work in live time in the round.  We will set up the works you are considering and then call via Skype to speak person to person.  Looking forward to hearing from you!