Lino with Metamorphosis at SOFA Chicago, 2014. photo ©Kim Saul
Private Collection 10 x 51 x 5" average each element
72 x 36 x 6"
32 x 102 x 5" Exhibited at SOFA Chicago
Private Collection
54 x 22.5 x 5.75" Private Collection
29½ x 45¾ x 5"
Private Collection
Private Collection
Installation of 7 elements varying sizes. Approx total is 21.75 x 44 x 13.5"
Exhibited at the Museum of Glass in Tacoma and the Palazzo Franchetti in Venice
94 x 198 x 16" Exhibited at SOFA Chicago, 2014
Installation of 17 blown glass vessels on a metal and glass topped table designed by Lino, total measurement is 82.5 x96 x 22”
Blown Glass installation 66 x 54 x 8"
The tallest vessel is 28.5”

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