January 21, 1955 ~ July 9, 2013

The late Ruth Brockmann was a vibrant artist whose work primarily relies on inspiration from nature, curiosity and intuition. The prevalent theme has been the inter-relationship of all living forms, their spirits and vital connections with humans. An utmost concern is to raise awareness and reconnect human consciousness today to the web of life. Brockman’s work has been collected by numerous museums, including the Corning Museum of Glass and the American Museum of Glass.  Her work is found in many public and private collections.

Read more about Ruth and see photos of her amazing public installation online.

She shared a country home and glass studio in Vancouver, Washington with her partner Hal Bond. He has worked with glass since 1974, focusing on architectural glass commissions involving fused and painted glass tiles. Brockmann and Bond have collaborated on several large architectural commissions in the Pacific Northwest.

“Over the years I’ve just discovered endless magic communicating with nature & spirit. Thats what keeps me going. My life is an incredible journey of discovery and I’ve come to know who I am through my work. I experience many things that are unexplainable. The mystery and magic I communicate more through my work than I do with words.”

Ruth Brockmann

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