New Additions to the Gallery!

Summer has been very very busy here in Stockbridge. It has been a fantastic season in the Berkshires, much of it is due to the great concerts at Tanglewood.  Last nights celebration of John Williams 80th birthday included shoutouts from Obama, Clinton, Osawa, Jessye Norman, Steven Spielberg, George Lucas and players from the Red Sox!  (Now, we hope they will all come to the gallery to see some amazing art!)

One quote from John Williams I liked is this:  “Music is not really a job, it’s something that the more you practice in it and work in it, the more you can learn and the more interesting it becomes, and I’m just engaged by that every day, as I have been since I was a very young person.  It’s been famously said that music is enough for a lifetime but a lifetime is not enough for music, there’s simply too much to learn.   My activities are the result of my good fortune of being working in a field that you become more in love with as you go along through the years.”

I believe that all or the artists we represent feel similarly about their creative process.  It is a blessing to have good health and the ability to pursue your passion, whether it is creating art, music, a family, or an environment that brings harmony.

We hope you can take some time to visit the gallery and find joy and inspiration.  You may like to know that we have close to 50o works of art available… Below are some examples of new works received since July.

Happy summer,


Quote from interview with Jane Levere

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