“Cosa vuol dire amare il vetro?” (What does it mean to love glass?)  For Lino, to love glass is also to love life.

STOCKBRIDGE, MA: Schantz Galleries proudly presents an exhibition of works by Maestro Lino Tagliapietra, whose spirit of adventure, risk and learning drives him to push the medium of glass and test the seemingly boundless limits of his skill. His intricate work in filigrana, murrini, reticello, zanfirico, incalmo, and aventurine prove him to be a master of glass techniques and a creator of transcendent art experiences.

Lino with Medusa, 2006,  at Schantz Galleries.

Glass is deeply ingrained in Lino Tagliapietra; his astonishing body of work both chronicles his life and transcend his personal journey. They are artful illuminations of the myriad elements that make all our lives so full. From the tangible—things like colors, places, and animals, to the intangible—ideas like balance, strength, fragility, passion, whimsy, and freedom. Lino has said that “an exhibition is a long process made of life experiences.… Every object represents something I would like to be, like a tree that has many roots. It is crucial to recognize Lino—the tree—in each object.” Like the roots of a tree, the works by Lino in this exhibition unfurl in many directions, all the while retaining the quintessential qualities of their creator.

Lino with Florencia, 2018.  Click to view additional works currently on exhibition.

Recent works include the Florencia series, symbolizing the energy and exuberance of the Florentine culture. Few artists possess Lino’s skill at translating the essence of a place into a piece of glass. Fiery flames lick up the sides of Etna. Africa’s organic color palette adorns a basket-like vase. Urban sprawl and a mountainous backdrop form the minimalist decoration of Tapiei, and the magnificent peak of Fuji emerges from rings of evocatively colored glass.

Lino brings this characteristic expressiveness to his interpretation of animals. The curved ellipse of the belly of the Oca (Goose) supports the bird’s trumpeting neck. The humble Chiocciola (Snail) adorns a delicately balanced ovoid of clear glass. Boisterous patterns cover the powerful Fenice works, whose necks pull into long and impossibly curved forms.

When Lino Tagliapietra thinks about the meaning of his work, he must invariable think about the meaning of his life. He asks himself: Cosa vuol dire amare il vetro? (What does it mean to love glass?) For Lino, to love glass is also to love life. It means to embrace the harmonious elements of life that are so uniquely reflected in glass. It means to communicate this reverence and spread joy through beautiful works of art.

Lino and Lina looking into Celtica, 2018.


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“Maestro” Museum Exhibition of Lino Tagliapietra.

This summer, Schantz Galleries will have the opportunity to feature a group of selected works from Lino Tagliapietra‘s exhibition “Maestro” at the Museum of Glass in Tacoma, WA.

The exhibition took place at the Museum of Glass last year and ended this past January, and was a chronology of Lino’s work from the past ten years. Schantz Galleries was proud to be one of the sponsors for this historic exhibition.

What is significant about the exhibition is that it represented the incredible range of approaches taken by the Maestro within this ten year time period.  This underscores Lino’s commitment to creativity and exploration that has now inspired generations of artists. The collection includes the recent fused glass panels, such as La Porta and also a beautiful retrospective of his signature forms such at BatmanDinosaur and Bilbao, including works which employ Lino’s ground-breaking techniques with cane such as Fuji, Kira and Tatoosh. Within these works we witness Lino’s passion for challenging himself and with that the medium of glass.

What makes the collection so special is not only that they span a period of time and experimentation, but that they behold a timeless beauty. The works are at once elegant and fearless. Within each work is the heart of the Maestro.

You can view the works we will be presenting from the MOG collection online at Lino Tagliapietra, Maestro and order the catalog from the show at the Museum of Glass.