2018 Schantz Galleries Seattle Tour photo album

These photos are taken by Roger Meyers. There were over 1600 images for us to choose from, and for those, he had to edit his images down from about 3000!  SO, this is a thank you to him and to all the other participants who journeyed on that 5-day tour and had the best time ever looking at glass, meeting the artists, touring around Seattle and dining on excellent food.


Walking into a hot shop is exhilarating, and even if you have done it before, that sense of wonder never lessens, believe us, as we have been going on these trips to Seattle for over 15 years, and some of our collectors have opted to go back with us 2 or 3 times…. It’s that good!

Below is a link to our online blog where many more photos are posted.

Enjoy!  Jim and Kim

 On this five-day Seattle Glass Collectors Tour, … Read More and see the photo album!


Renowned Artist Dale Chihuly to Exhibit in Stockbridge

Chihuly at Schantz Galleries 2016

Opening Reception, Friday, July 8, 2016, 4–6 p.m.

Dale Chihuly, Sunrise Topaz Chandelier, 2016 detail

Dale Chihuly, Sunrise Topaz Chandelier (detail), 2016, 14 x 6 x 5½’


Stockbridge, MA (July 2016) Renowned glass artist Dale Chihuly will exhibit several of his works of art to include two large Chandeliers and a Persian Wall, at the Schantz Galleries in Stockbridge, MA, from July 8 through August 28, 2016. While Chihuly is famous for his ambitious architectural installations in notable cities, museums, and gardens around the world, Schantz Galleries provides visitors with a more intimate setting in which to enjoy the works on view.

With a background in interior design and architecture, Chihuly has always been interested in space and light. Working within the architecture of the gallery, he presents several of his well-known series along with a few large-scale installations. The centerpiece of the gallery is Sunrise Topaz Chandelier, a two-tiered Chandelier consisting of approximately 430 amber, gold, and clear elements.

An American sculptor, Chihuly has mastered the alluring, translucent, and transparent qualities of glass, ice, water, and neon, to create works of art that transform the viewer experience. He is globally renowned for his ambitious, site-specific architectural installations in public spaces and for his work in more than 250 museum collections.

In addition to the blown-glass sculptures, Chihuly has included sixteen of his works on paper. As Nathan Kernan has stated in an essay, “Drawing into Space: Chihuly Drawing Revisited,” Chihuly’s drawings over the past thirty-five years constitute a parallel visual world as compelling and original as that of his amazing sculptures.” The artist has always used drawing as a form of conveying his concepts and ideas for his sculptures, and one can certainly experience his expressive energy and love of color. “You can more directly sense my energy in my drawings than in any other way, perhaps,” he has said. “And from the very beginning, the drawings were done, as my glass is done, very quickly, very fast.”

­­­­“We are truly honored to have the opportunity to exhibit works by Dale Chihuly in Stockbridge. Chihuly is one of the most well known living American artists,” gallery owner and director Jim Schantz stated, “and certainly the most recognized glass artist in the world today.”


Chihuly at Schantz Galleries 2016

July 8 through August 28, 2016

Opening Reception Friday, July 8, 2016, 4–6 p.m.

Schantz Galleries Contemporary Glass, 3 Elm Street, Stockbridge, Massachusetts 01262

Tel: 413-298-3044   www.schantzgalleries.com

Exhibition Hours: Open Daily, 10 a.m.–6 p.m.

FROM SEATTLE TO STOCKBRIDGE; a Bi-Coastal Relationship with Glass

After 10 days in Seattle, visiting artists, collectors, museums and Pilchuck, we returned home energized and inspired about the upcoming season! The art works we viewed and chose for spring, exhibit thoughtfully executed evolution with the medium both technically and aesthetically. Images were posted to Instagram, because that is all there was time for, but now we can settle down and offer a brief report.


Schantz Galleries 2016 Seattle Glass Tour

Our group was made up of glass enthusiasts from all over the USA, photographed here at the Boathouse.

Our first day included a tour of Chihuly’s Lake Union Boathouse, and long-term exhibition, Chihuly Garden and Glass, and when we arrived at the hotshop in the boathouse the team was working on some of Chihuly’s current Studio Editions. It was really interesting to observe the process for getting the evenly spaced spots onto the tops of the ribs for the Jade Green Seaform…. and I can’t explain it here but just know it’s not what you would think!


James Mongraine is the lead gaffer and Dan Friday a glassblower, working with the team in the Hotshop at Chihuly Studio – both artists in their own right.


Walking through the boathouse and the Ballard Studio, one cannot help but be in awe of the ways in which Chihuly has explored his medium. From the Persian Ceiling in the entrance, to the nine Chandeliers in the Evelyn Room; the fish which get to swim amongst white glassforms in the aquarium, Leaves and fanciful Sea Plants; to the vibrant Seaforms at the bottom of a lap pool in which one can imagine swimming in Chihuly colored ripples; to the collections of ephemera and vintage sports car which the artist surrounds himself with – it is easy to see the passion which led the artist to want to fill the landscape and botanical gardens with his energetic, playful and colorful art forms, and that is just what he has done all over the world.


Imagine swimming in a pool Seaforms, so mesmerizing with the rippling water.


Enter the Boathouse under this illuminated Persian Ceiling.



Lucky Puffer Fish!


This is the Evelyn Room, which features nine of Chihuly’s Chandeliers over an 84′ single plank table.


The Northwest Room with a grouping of red and yellow Basket Sets


Alpha Romeo with large paintings by Chihuly and a silvered Soft Cylinder.


The Rotolo series is one of Chihuly’s newest creations – physically heavy, these are huge curls of light-capturing glass.



Susan Marabito with a stunning Silvered Soft Cylinder.

The visit to Chihuly’s Studio was a great insight into the process of design, making, assembling and exhibition of the art, and we were grateful for the full day and the expertise and enthusiasm given to our group by Susan, Megan and Erin.

Below are a few photos of the Chihuly Garden and Glass … and for March the plants were extremely interesting. Like all great art, it must be experienced in person!



…. AND LATER THAT EVENING…. to be continued.





Beautiful New Works by Dale Chihuly on Exhibition

Dale Chihuly, Cadmium Orange Soft Cylinder with Teal Lip Wrap, 2014
Dale Chihuly, Cadmium Orange Soft Cylinder with Teal Lip Wrap, 2014  19 x 16 x 16″

Come to New England for the Foliage . . . .  and visit the gallery to see the Colors!

In his recent article, Art Venues Worth Traveling For, Daniel Kany of the Portland Press Herald of Maine stated …“most notable is Schantz Galleries …  world class glass gallery.  With works by many of the top artists in the world, such as Lino Tagliapietra, Dan Dailey and Dale Chihuly, this gallery is far more exciting than many regional museums. It even acts more like a museum than a gallery (except that it is free to visit): At any given time, works by all of their major artists are on view.”

It even acts more like a museum than a gallery.  Why?  We have always been dedicated to not only exhibiting in the most respectfully curated manner the works of the artist we represent, but we are also committed to educating the visitors to our gallery about the medium, the art and the artists.  We welcome visitors whether they search for art for their collection or  inspiration for their psyche.

We look forward to welcoming you into the gallery, and invite you to view our website in the meantime.

Happy Autumn!

Chihuly’s Garden and Glass

This evening, I had the privilege to attend the private viewing of the recently finished Chihuly Garden and Glass in Seattle. The event was attended by over 800 people on a cool, clear Seattle evening. The experience of seeing the nine rooms with Chihuly’s Installations goes beyond words and photographs. It has to be experienced first hand. With each exhibition room is a breathtaking experience of artwork that seems to go above and beyond its former incarnations. What struck me was the juxtaposition of the Garden and Glass exhibit within the complex of the Seattle Center and the Space Needle. The exhibition is appropriate in terms of it’s scale, proximity and time to Chihuly’s importance as a cultural icon in Seattle and his influence on the Contemporary Glass Movement.

Dale and Leslie Chihuly thanked their family, friends and in particular the Wright family, the entrepreneurs who built the Space Needle in 1962 and provided funding for the project. Also in attendance were many within the circle of artists who have worked with Dale over the years including, Rob Adamson, Sonja Blomdahl, Paul Cunningham, Fritz Dreisbach, Joey Kirkpatrick, John Kiley, Flora Mace, Dante Marioni, Paul Marioni and Benjamin Moore.

It is fitting that this occasion has taken place at the 50 year mark of the beginning of the Contemporary Glass Movement in America and the 50th anniversary of the Space Needle. What a remarkable legacy Dale Chihuly has created. The Garden and Glass exhibit is a fitting tribute to Chihuly’s art and his influence on generations of artists.