2018 Schantz Galleries Seattle Tour photo album

These photos are taken by Roger Meyers. There were over 1600 images for us to choose from, and for those, he had to edit his images down from about 3000!  SO, this is a thank you to him and to all the other participants who journeyed on that 5-day tour and had the best time ever looking at glass, meeting the artists, touring around Seattle and dining on excellent food.


Walking into a hot shop is exhilarating, and even if you have done it before, that sense of wonder never lessens, believe us, as we have been going on these trips to Seattle for over 15 years, and some of our collectors have opted to go back with us 2 or 3 times…. It’s that good!

Below is a link to our online blog where many more photos are posted.

Enjoy!  Jim and Kim

 On this five-day Seattle Glass Collectors Tour, … Read More and see the photo album!


Collaborating: Kelly O’Dell and Raven Skyriver


Kelly and Raven MOG

Kelly and Raven at MOG               photo: Megan Stelljes

Glass Artists Kelly O’Dell and Raven Skyriver collaborate on new work to create “Remembering”.


“Remembering” 2015                      photo: Kelly O’Dell




photo: Kelly O’Dell


These new series of pieces are inspired by the barnacle encrusted clams they find on walks along the Northwestern shore. Nature’s treasures like these make Kelly and Raven wonder if the barnacles grew over the clam’s opening while it was still alive.


photo: Brett Franklin


O’Dell loves to work collaboratively; her partner Raven makes the clams, while she develops the barnacles. Exploring different techniques in this creative fusion, they used cane in their clam pieces. Kelly says the barnacles are pretty labor intensive, as her process involves a series of steps.


Photo: Brett Franklin


She fuses powder on a kiln shelf to make the “plates” of the barnacles and they attach these texture rich plates, one at  time to a small cone-shaped cup. This gives each barnacle some interior structure and a solid landing pad to attach (while hot) to the clamshell. The barnacles take a team of 6-12 people a full day in the studio to make. The results are enchanting, we are looking forwarding to seeing these new works in person!


photo: www.Kp-studios.com

If you receive this blog November 28-29, 2015 – Kelly and Raven are working at the Museum of Glass in Tacoma in the Hot shop this week, LIVE!