2018 Schantz Galleries Seattle Tour photo album

These photos are taken by Roger Meyers. There were over 1600 images for us to choose from, and for those, he had to edit his images down from about 3000!  SO, this is a thank you to him and to all the other participants who journeyed on that 5-day tour and had the best time ever looking at glass, meeting the artists, touring around Seattle and dining on excellent food.


Walking into a hot shop is exhilarating, and even if you have done it before, that sense of wonder never lessens, believe us, as we have been going on these trips to Seattle for over 15 years, and some of our collectors have opted to go back with us 2 or 3 times…. It’s that good!

Below is a link to our online blog where many more photos are posted.

Enjoy!  Jim and Kim

 On this five-day Seattle Glass Collectors Tour, … Read More and see the photo album!


Seattle Tour Day Two | Martin Blank, Nancy Callan and John Kiley

contemporary glass

The team at Martin Blanks hot shop.

We always like to tip off our group that Martin has a lot of energy, but no one can really understand the liveliness of Martin Blank until they experience him in person!  Working large, Martin believes in using every moment to its fullest and sharing in the joy of his love of his work.  Always one to make sure his team is also credited, he even invited some of our group to assist in stamping the 100 pounds of molten glass that was ladled onto a steel table in front of us!  There is no better way to learn than by direct experience, which is why these trips are so important to us all…

Martins Team

24 x 7.5 x 5.5" sculpted Glass

From the Archives, Flower Study, 24 x 7.5 x 5.5″

contemporary glass

Jim Schantz with Amber Chandelier by Martin Blank

contemporary glass

Martin considers on of our clients requests… always being open to ideas is a secret of creative process.

After the activities at Martins hotshop and studio, we were all too glad to rest a little bit with sparkling water and cookies at the studio of Nancy Callan and Julia Ricketts.  Nancy has a new focus on her work these days and has been teaching and working at residencies all over the country!  Julia is an excellent painter and their work is as complementary as they are!  We are looking forward to our Berkshire Glass weekend this June when Nancy will be on of the featured artists working at a nearby hotshop…

Nancy and Julia

Nancy Callan and Julia Ricketts in the studio.

Nancy Callan Studio_schantz tour (2)

Some of Nancy Callan’s recent explorations in form, patterns and color.

Nancy Callan Studio_schantz tour (1)

Nancy Callan glass sculpture with Julia Rickets paintings.

Later that evening…

John Kiley Dining with GlassJohn Kiley treated us to a magnificently decorated table, a delicious dining experience and a delightful power-point presentation about his process.

contemporary glass

Smiley Kiley!!

contemporary glass

John has the capacity to turn his workspace into the perfect show space, it was designed that way by him and his brilliant wife Courtney, and her architect parents, Norm Sandler and Elizabeth Beers.

Only at Kiley's would we find a baby grand piano to display his work on! But where is Elton John?!

Only at Kiley’s would we find a baby grand piano to display his work on! But where is Elton John?!

SOFA Chicago, 2015 with Lino Tagliapietra

Admiring the Coral Reef fused glass by Lino Tagliapietra.

Admiring the Coral Reef fused glass by Lino Tagliapietra.

We are just finishing all the details from our recent exhibition at SOFA Chicago on the Navy Pier. This is our 17th year exhibiting on the pier and we are happy to report it was a successful and beautiful exhibition. Many visitors came by to say hello to Maestro Lino Tagliapietra. Here is a short video by John Forsen which gives you a glimpse into the exhibition and Lino working on the next new piece!

[wpvideo Z6UzxUYn]

Schantz Galleries presented both classic and contemporary works by Lino Tagliapietra, some series which have never before presented as a feature exhibition. Blown or fused glass in the hands of Maestro Tagliapietra, convey his remarkable technical ability and communicate the expressive aesthetic of the artist; a light, intelligent and sublime presence.

Jim Schantz chose the work with the assistance of Lino and Lino’s grandson and manager, Jacopo Vecchiato months ahead of time in Seattle, and the focus was on classic combined with the newest creations.

Celebrating 70 years of working with glass, he continues to be inspired to work on new concepts and designs. Some of the recent works included classic forms using the avventurine glass which is very challenging to work with at the scale it was done in. Tagliapietra has written that he is “…totally open. I think that what I like to do the most is research. I don’t want to represent Venetian technique only—even though I was born with it and it is possible to recognize it in my work. Your style is what you are.” He moves fluidly around the globe, incorporating nuance and inspiration from each place visited into a style that is uniquely his, never compromised but always enhanced. His generous spirit and gentle nature make him a true visionary, for whom a single color, a simple landscape, or a chance encounter inspires a masterpiece in glass.

(photo: k.saul)

John Kiley and his long time friend and mentor…

(photo: k.saul)

Celebrating the Fuel their Fire program in our booth!  David Huchthausen, Nancy Callan, Jim Schantz, Sarah Traver, Susan Warner and Steve Linn

During the exhibition, we hosted two receptions.  one was for the Museum of Glass in Tacoma, and their Fuel their Fire residency program.  Many artists, collectors and gallerists attended the reception, to hear Susan Warner, Director of Education and the new director of the museum, Deborah Lenk speak of the importance of the program.  Artist John Kiley commented as well, saying how he has made some great work in the museum program, where he has the freedom to try things that he may not be able to afford to try on his own due to the exorbitant cost of running a studio.

The second reception was to acknowledge Bergstrom-Mahler Museum of Glass, in honor of their recent award from the AACG and to acknowledge Lino’s current exhibition there as well as his Seventy Years of Working with Glass!

(photo: k.saul)

Celebration of 70 years with old and new friends. Pictured: Amber Cowan, Tommie Rush, Lino Tagliapietra, Richard Jolley, and Zak Timan.

(photo: k.saul)

Lino has a lot of friends!!!



(photo: k.saul)

Lino toasts the upcoming GAS Conference with Director Pamela Koss and Steven Powell.

Not limiting himself to blown glass forms, the artist’s passion for his art has driven him to create large scale fused glass panels, using various forms of his own hand pulled canes, murrini, rondelle and glass pellets. Varying in size, some of the one to two inch thick panels’ measure up to eight feet tall when in the steel stand used to display the work. Chicago, 2015 is a 40 inch wide fused glass panel composed with multi-colored, twisted glass rods and a beautiful blue glass frit. Closer inspection reveals thousands of tiny bubbles within the thick layers of blue glass adding a watery impression. With its bold graphic design, the artist’s use of color and spatial relationships combine, this work evokes the hustle-bustle, of the city on the lake. Subtle and strong, the fused glass panels are uncompromising paintings with glass and light.

(photo: k.saul)

This one is named Chicago for the city on the Lake…

(photo: k.saul)

Admiring the technique of the Nuvola, fused glass panel by Lino.

(photo: k.saul)

Meeting friends is one of the benefits of these expositions.

(photo: k.saul)

We just don’t get these fashions in Stockbridge… there are some very stylish people in Chicago!

(photo: k.saul)

Anish Kapoor sculpture in Millenium Park, Chicago

(photo: k.saul)

Some art just does this to people!

Additional: Lino Tagliapietra has been featured in numerous solo exhibitions and is represented in a global assortment of museums and art institutions, including The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, NY; Musée des Arts Décoratifs, Paris, France; Renwick Gallery of the Smithsonian American Art Museum, Washington, D.C., Shanghai Museum of Glass, Shanghai, China, and the Victoria and Albert Museum, London, UK.

Jim Schantz, Lino Tagliaietra and Kim Saul at SOFA Chicago, 2015

Jim Schantz, Lino Tagliaietra and Kim Saul at SOFA Chicago, 2015

view the catalog

view the catalog

What do Glass Stingers, Spinning Tops and Anemones Have in Common?

Stockbridge, MA:  The Schantz Galleries was happy to have a visit from Nancy Callan, of Seattle, WA.  Originally from Peabody, MA,  Callan is a glass artist who possesses a great technical proficiency with her medium, as well as a colorful and fun loving personality.

Nancy with Anemone and Christina...

Nancy with Anemone and Christina…

Working with glass for more than 18 years, Callan represents a generation of glass artists that have come from the hot shops and classrooms of the pioneers of the studio glass movement, she herself studying with, and assisting such prominent artists as Lino Tagliapietra, Ginny Ruffner and Josiah McElheny.

Callan gave a very insightful talk about her process and life as an artist.

Callan gave a very insightful talk about her process and life as an artist.

Recognized for her virtuosity with creating textile- like patterning with glass, as well as for her sense of adventure, Callan has always been intrigued by a relationship between textiles and glass, and has explored the potential of Venetian techniques to create complex patterns. To achieve her patterns, rods of glass (canes) are fused together before being rolled around a globe of transparent glass. Callan begins with canes of varied widths and may employ several layers of canes to arrive at the desired effect.  While her work exemplifies the skill and finesse of the Venetian tradition in glass, Callan exhibits the witty humor and aesthetic sensibility of a contemporary artist who loves pop culture, fashion and design.

Storm Stinger, 2013,   37 x 16 x 16”

Storm Stinger, 2013,   37 x 16  photo: Russell Johnson

Nancy Callan draws her inspiration from childhood memories of Marvel comic books, Saturday morning cartoons, fashion and toys like the old fashioned spinning tops. Callan’s whimsical, oversize Tops are richly elegant and offer a form that viewers can identify and relate to.  The Stinger series are big, bold and solid, iconic in colors and inspired by the costumes of comic characters such as Captain America, Cat Woman, and the super heroine, Storm, in her black and gold cape.


Nancy Callan has an extensive gallery exhibition record and recent museum exhibitions include the Desert Caballeros Western Museum in Arizona, a solo exhibition at the Museum of glass in Tacoma, WA,  Muskegon Museum of Art, Muskegon, MI,  Palm Springs Art Museum, Palm Springs, CA and the  Corning Museum of Glass, Corning, NY.

Kim, Nancy, Jim and Julia in Stockbridge

Kim, Nancy, Jim and Julia in Stockbridge

Schantz Galleries is located at 3 Elm Street in Stockbridge MA., and is open daily during the summer from 10 – 6



Joey Kirkpatrick and Flora Mace composing a glass drawing for a Soft Cylinder.

Joey Kirkpatrick and Flora Mace composing a glass drawing for a Soft Cylinder.

Each spring we travel west to visit artists and select work for the upcoming season at the gallery in Stockbridge. It is a great experience and we learn something new every time. This year, we visited more than 25 artists over 5 days.  Its a bit like the Woodstock of glass!  Only with great food and wine and witnessing firsthand the amazing creativity and inspiration of the artists we represent.

Our first stop is Chihuly’s Boathouse, the Ballard Studio and then Chihuly Garden of Glass.  Traveling to Seattle and visiting the  artists studios gives us the opportunity to choose some really great work for the gallery.

Surprise treat…. Flora Mace and Joey Kirkpatrick working on a glass drawing for a Soft Cylinder at the Chihuly Boathouse!  Everyone was captivated by the process and thrilled by the rare opportunity to witness these important artists working together.  The team blew two huge baskets with Jim Mongraine as the gaffer.  You can gain a little insight into the week by clicking on the images below and following along. Of course, you can visit our gallery and see some of the great selections we made which are being delivered over the next few weeks, not only from Seattle, but also New England, Tennessee, California, Australia, Sweden, France, Czech Republic and Italy!

See you soon!     Kim & Jim


New Additions to the Gallery!

Summer has been very very busy here in Stockbridge. It has been a fantastic season in the Berkshires, much of it is due to the great concerts at Tanglewood.  Last nights celebration of John Williams 80th birthday included shoutouts from Obama, Clinton, Osawa, Jessye Norman, Steven Spielberg, George Lucas and players from the Red Sox!  (Now, we hope they will all come to the gallery to see some amazing art!)

One quote from John Williams I liked is this:  “Music is not really a job, it’s something that the more you practice in it and work in it, the more you can learn and the more interesting it becomes, and I’m just engaged by that every day, as I have been since I was a very young person.  It’s been famously said that music is enough for a lifetime but a lifetime is not enough for music, there’s simply too much to learn.   My activities are the result of my good fortune of being working in a field that you become more in love with as you go along through the years.”

I believe that all or the artists we represent feel similarly about their creative process.  It is a blessing to have good health and the ability to pursue your passion, whether it is creating art, music, a family, or an environment that brings harmony.

We hope you can take some time to visit the gallery and find joy and inspiration.  You may like to know that we have close to 50o works of art available… Below are some examples of new works received since July.

Happy summer,


Quote from interview with Jane Levere