July 6-22. Artist Reception, Friday, July 13, 2018,  2-4 p.m.
Inspiration continues with the work of Maestro Lino Tagliapietra, whose spirit of adventure, risk, and learning drives him to push the medium of glass and test the seemingly boundless limits of his skill. The resulting treasures are stunning objects with gracefully attenuated forms and dazzling colors that vary from silver to gold, copper red to blue, purple to green depending on the filtering effects of the colored glass. His intricate work in filigrana, murrini, reticello, zanfirico, incalmo, and avventurine prove him to be a master of glass techniques and a creator of transcendent art experiences.


DISTINCTIONS IN GLASS : Peter Bremers, Martin Janecký, and Harue Shimomoto 

August 2 to 26.  Gallery Reception August 2.
We gather together three very different artists, Peter Bremers, Martin Janecký, and Harue Shimomoto, to highlight the diversity of technique, form, and aesthetic which glass allows the maker. Bremers returns to the Schantz Gallery with an entirely new focus on monumental cast glass sculptures—abstract, monochrome references to landscape and space. Martin Janecký, a new artist to the Schantz Galleries from the Czech Republic, is a modern-day Augustus Saint-Gaudens who sculpts molten white glass into naturalistic, emotive busts and figures. Artist Harue Shimomoto manipulates glass threads into sculptural tapestries, mingling glass with fiber arts and employing a clean and precise aesthetic to capture the essence of the seasons.


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